Melanoma Survival Test

AGT’s simple DNA test can provide an estimate of a person’s chances of surviving 5 and ten years after diagnosis of melanoma.


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How It Works


Buy your test online for just $199 from this page

Provide a sample

You will be sent a package with instructions and a saliva collection tube

Send It

Return the saliva sample tube by post and register the number on the tube onto our website

See your results

Results usually take around 2-4 weeks, when you will receive an email so you can login to your secure and private account to access and download your results

We have used our world-leading technology to identify genetic variants that affect a person’s risk of developing melanoma. The MelRisk™ test is more powerful than any other method for predicting a person’s risk of melanoma available in the world.


  • The MelRisk™ test is not a diagnostic test and is not intended to diagnose any current medical condition
  • It is provided as an educational tool so you can learn your personal risk of developing melanoma.
  •  It cannot tell if you have zero risk for developing melanoma in your lifetime. Other non-genetic factors that we can’t assess, such as lifestyle and environment, can also affect risk.

Your Report

After you order the test, you can register on our secure website. You will be sent an email when the test has been completed.

We will provide reports in plain language for you and for your doctor.

Your reports will be available for you to download from your account.

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