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What can I learn from the MelRisk™ test?

This test will let you know what your risk is of developing melanoma.

Your calculated risk is based on how your own genetic profile interacts with your own personal risk factors, like sun exposure and skin/hair colour. Melanoma is the third most common cancer in Australia and its incidence is increasing, so increased vigilance is important especially for people at high risk of developing this deadly skin cancer. Current predictions are based on known risk factors but are not very accurate. The AGT MelRisk™ test is the most accurate predictor of melanoma risk in the world. 

What does genetic testing consist of?

Genetic testing involves looking for specific variations in a person’s DNA. This information can determine a person’s chance of developing a particular condition or disease. Our genetic tests involve purifying DNA from a saliva sample and determining which variants are present. Specifically, we test for the variants that make up a “Genetic Risk Signature” as defined by our world-leading methods.

How can this testing impact family members?

Most current genetic tests in the world look for particular single DNA mutations that result in a high risk of disease, and may be shared by other family members. Our genetic tests are different. They test many different markers and it is not possible to say how many of these may be shared by other members of your family. Of course, other family members can have their own personal risks tested using our world-leading technology.

How can I share results with my doctor?

We will provide two reports that you can access in your secure account. One report will be in plain language for you, and the other will be more technical that you can share with your doctor. Please note that the MelRisk™ test will not change your current medical treatment, but your doctor can advise you on the best way for you to monitor your skin for any development of melanoma.

Will the MelRisk™ test affect my health insurance?

The advice from the MelRisk™ test will not affect your health insurance. In Australia, Private health insurance is not based on a risk assessment of your health. You will not be asked about genetic test results or your family history of health conditions. So the result of a genetic test has no impact on eligibility for health insurance, or the cost of premiums. A person’s current or future health does not affect their ability to get private health insurance in the long term. A current illness or diagnosis may limit cover for a short period at the commencement of a policy, but not over the long term.

Furthermore, the Financial Services Council represents insurers in Australia. It has introduced a new policy regarding genetic tests and life insurance. Under this policy, an insurer will not ask about or use the result of a genetic test request for policies which fall below specified cover values (e.g. $500,000 for death and total permanent disability). We can’t advise you on your personal situation, but you can discuss this further with an insurance broker, or with the Financial Services Council on (02) 9299 3022.

Can speaking with a genetic counsellor help me and my family?

genetic counsellor can help you further understand the results of the test and help in making future recommendations.  You can contact a genetic counsellor near you via this web site: