Prof Grant Morahan

Prof Morahan founded AGD to commercialise the breakthrough technology that he had developed. Previously he founded Geniad Pty Ltd. which produced the world’s leading resource for discovery of genes mediating complex traits.  This resource was sold at multiple times return on investment to the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and it is now the centrepiece for several important medical discovery programs. Prof Morahan has an outstanding scientific reputation, with over 250 scientific publications, including 20 in the world’s best scientific and medical journals. He has raised over $16 million in research funding since 2015. He was invited by the US National Institutes of Health to join the Steering Committee of their Type 1 Diabetes Genetics Consortium. He sees AGD as bringing in a new era of personalised, precision medicine.

Dr. Sylvia Young is an expert in genetics statistical analysis.

As a computational biologist, Dr. Young has extensive experiences on stratifying population at risk of genetic diseases, as well as identifying risk of disease complications. She is a reviewer of many scientific journals including informatics areas. In her role at AGD, she continues to explore the use of bioinformatics approaches to discover genetic signatures about complex human diseases.