Unique Genetic Tests

Their unique methods define Genetic Risk Signatures™ predicting disease outcomes and to predict risk of diseases like heart attacks, or death from cancer. This knowledge can help improve health and save lives

World-leading technology to help you to a healthy future

Advanced Genetic Diagnostics Pty Ltd was established to provide world-leading genetic technologies. Other genetic testing companies provide tests that have very little predictive value for the common diseases that affect our society. Diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes affect billions of people around the world. However, the complex genetics of these diseases has meant that it has been too difficult to develop meaningful tests for them. In addition, most of the genes that affect these diseases only confer a very small risk individually.

Advanced Genetic Diagnostics has made the major breakthrough in genetic technology allowing the development of genetic tests that provide the most powerful prediction of a person’s risk of disease and disease outcomes.

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